Why do we only work with Dutch teachers with a degree? And, also only teachers with experience in teaching Dutch to children? First of all: Since the start of Dutch for Children (DfC), we have worked with Dutch-trained teachers. Now seven years ago. We don’t know any better. Secondly: Teaching Dutch to children is a profession.

Regularly we receive this question from customers, but also applicants. ”Do you only work with certified teachers?” At first, I almost automatically responded with ‘Of course!’! Until I understood that this was not obvious.

Unfortunately, in our view, it is all too common for Dutch schools abroad and online to work with people without the proper education to teach children—even the certified schools.

Great importance to the quality of education

Dutch for Children distinguishes itself from this. DfC is a Dutch online school, which attaches great importance to the quality of education. Teaching children is a profession that requires pedagogical competence as a start. It would be best if you had professional craftsmen for this.

Due to that, ‘teaching Dutch online’ to children living abroad or children with Dutch as a second or third language is a specific direction. It is also of great importance that you have professional teachers. Because this is a profession in which you cannot achieve the goals that people have with these lessons without professional knowledge and the necessary experience.

Our core values ​​are high-quality education, professionalism, and flexibility. Based on these core values, I will provide a detailed answer to the question below.

Quality of education – further explained

In teacher training courses, teachers extensively learn the didactics of teaching children. Teachers also learn the Dutch language structure from kindergarten to group 8 (from first-grade secondary education).

Furthermore, they also learn the learning lines specified by the Ministry of Education and build lessons based on these guidelines. They learn about the development of the children and the pedagogy. And, teachers learn how to approach children differently and achieve lesson goals for each unique child. Certainly not unimportantly, when you offer tailor-made lessons,

Since as, through internships, students put into practice directly what they learned. As a result, the teacher immediately gains the first experience. At the same time, professional people still observe the teachers and adjust and correct if necessary. A teacher starts competent and is learns more to become qualified.

The professionalism of the teacher and organization

Our online school selects its teachers based on professional competence and diploma. But not only, as can be seen in the characteristics of our teachers. A DfC teacher is enthusiastic, curious, and passionate about tailor-made teaching. 

They also have at least one year of teaching experience in Dutch education and have experience with online teaching and teaching children abroad.

Our teachers stand for quality and attention to the child. They are all flexible and adapt quickly. This flexibility can be in their students’ different living environments, learning methods, and learning objectives. 

The management of DfC has, among other things, a university degree, teaching diploma, and a certificate for teaching English as a second language to children.

diploma universiteit in frame

Dutch teachers with degree and experience; flexibility

Teachers’ experience in the classroom is also essential to grasp the learning pathways and the flexibility to deal with them in different ways. As mentioned before, we work on a tailor-made basis. This base of tailor-made education is because you need that knowledge and experience. We empathize with this at Dutch for Children.

Quality online education

Being able to draw on professional knowledge and experience in the online field is also essential. Teaching one-on-one through a video calling program is not the same as standing in front of a class.

Our teachers with a degree

Heart for education and the child! Please get to know our enthusiastic Dutch for Children teachers from all over the world here! All with the proper education, experience, and motivations that we love to see at Dutch for Children.

Many teachers of DfC have continued to learn in addition to their fundamental training. We have extra expertise in-house: Pedagogy, Psychology, Educational Sciences, Master Educational Science, Master Special Educational Needs (language and dyslexia specialist), and NT2 teacher.

You can find our teachers’ specific training here: The Dutch for Children team.

foto's van de leerkrachten van dutch for children

No degree as a teacher

Can someone teach without a diploma? No. Find the detailed answer here.

Additionally, if you know it for sure: you want to enter education as a professional teacher? You can’t wait to get started with kids. Here, you will find primary, secondary, and secondary vocational education routes.