What is Prinsjesdag: Explanation for children, because it is already almost Prinsjesdag 2023. Therefore, this blog is about a very special day in the Netherlands! This is because Prinsjesdag is a day when many important things happen. It is also a festive day where there is a lot to see. So, let’s quickly discover what Prinsjesdag is and what is planned on this day.

Voor Nederlandstalige kinderen of Engelstalig kinderen die Nederlands aan het leren zijn, hier ook de Nederlandse versie van dit blog.

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What is Prinsjesdag?

Prinsjesdag is a day when the king or queen of the Netherlands gives an important speech in the Ridderzaal in The Hague. The Ridderzaal is a very beautiful old hall where important people gather. On Prinsjesdag, the hall is decorated, and many people come to watch, including children like you!


The history of Prinsjesdag

This day has existed for more than two hundred years. The first one was in 1814. This video briefly tells the history of Budget Day. This video is suitable for children ages 9-12. The children who would like to learn more can make the worksheet that can be found in the video.


The golden and glass carriage and the throne

On Prinsjesdag, the king or queen rides in a special carriage, the glass carriage. The golden carriage is very beautiful and shines like gold, but it stays indoors—the king tells why (in Dutch). The king or queen goes to the Knights’ Hall with other important people. There, the king or queen sits on the throne. The throne is a very high chair special for the king or queen.

In this video, children ( age 7 and up) can see and learn more about the golden coach, the speech from the throne, the million note, and the briefcase. The video is in Dutch.


The speech from the king

Because of the renovation of the Binnenhof, Prinsjesdag will not take place in the Ridderzaal but in the Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague. King Willem-Alexander will read the speech from the throne there.  If everyone is in the Koninklijke Schouwburg, the king begins with the Throne Speech (de Troonrede). This is an important speech that tells what the plans are for the coming year. The king or queen talks about what the government wants to do to keep the country nice and safe. These could be plans about health, schools, nature, and much more.


The finance minister’s briefcase

After the speech from the throne, the finance minister is going to do something very exciting. He arrives with a special suitcase called the Millionaires’ Budget. In that suitcase are all the plans for the money. The minister tells how much money there is and how it will be distributed to different things in the country, such as schools, hospitals, and roads.

In this video, the Schooltv reporter discovers what is in the suitcase. The video is suitable for children ages 9 to 12. This video is in Dutch.


The ride in the golden carriage

After the speech and looking at the suitcase, the king or queen and the important people go back to the palace. And they do this in the golden carriage! The carriage then drives through the streets of The Hague. Lots of people stand along the road to wave to the king or queen and the important people.


Prinsjesdag in 2022

On this Prinsjesdag, King Willem-Alexander rode in the golden carriage to the Ridderzaal. King Willem-Alexander is the king of the Netherlands. He wore a beautiful hat and suit. Queen Máxima, his wife, was also with him. She looked beautiful in a beautiful dress.

In the speech from the throne, King Willem-Alexander talked about plans to take good care of each other and of nature. He talked about things like healthy food, clean air, and that children can go to school nicely. He also said that the government wanted to give money to people who were struggling.

Then the Minister of Finance, Wopke Hoekstra, came with the million note. He told the people about the country’s money. There was money for better roads, for hospitals, and for schools. He also said paying close attention to money was important so the country does not overspend.

There is a lot of coverage in the newspapers about what plans are told in the speech from the throne. You can read about the 2022 plans in the newspapers here.

After the speech, King Willem-Alexander went back to the palace in the golden carriage. People lined the streets shouting, “Hurrah!” and “Long live the king!”


Prinsjesdag 2023 at Dutch for Children

At Dutch for Children, we pay attention to both language and culture. Thus, this day is a godsend to work on both issues. Some examples from practice:

  • Prinsjesdag is a good time to bring the news into the lesson. The lesson becomes more meaningful when things like the state budget, the speech from the throne, and the role of the king and cabinet are discussed. This can be done in class, of course, but also at home.
  • Through the Youth News, het Jeugdjournaal, these items are good to keep up with during this period.
  • With the young children, we focus on an item that suits the student and his level, such as the king and queen or the princesses, with another on the clothing and yet another on the means of transportation, the carriage.

If you want to read more about how we incorporate language and culture into our lessons, read this article in Dutch.


Are you partying with us on Prinsjesdag  2023?

Prinsjesdag is not just talking about plans and money. It is also a day full of celebration and fun. People wear beautiful clothes, there are parades, and people wave to the king and queen. It really is a special day in the Netherlands!

Now you know what Prinsjesdag is and what is planned for 2023. It is a day when the king tells important things and when there is a lot to see and experience.


Prinsjesdag  2023: latest news

For fans of the royal house, today was the Prince’s Day, a real holiday full of traditions. Who could see the king, queen, and princesses Amalia and Alexia up close today? Through this page, you can see the first fans waiting very early on the video.