The conditions to learn Dutch as a second or third language

I will explain how the Dutch online lessons work for expat children, based on the conditions to learn (Dutch as a) a second or third language.

Children learn a second language fastest if they receive frequent, high-quality, and tailor-made language input and actively use the language in meaningful ways to them and their level.

These are four essential aspects. Frequent means as frequent as possible. High-quality means input from native speakers and lessons from Dutch professional teachers. We mean by tailor-made that the classes are guided by the child’s way of learning, the child’s education level, the child’s interest, and the goals you set (together with the child) as parents.

Another aspect is also essential: positivity towards the new language. If the family is positive about the Netherlands and optimistic about integration and learning the language, it will benefit the child. It also stimulates their motivation if the teacher is very enthusiastic about their profession and the Dutch culture.

The immersion in the second language is of great importance: the more immersion, the better. But please be aware that the language input from other parties must be of high quality.

Last but not least: Practice. It helps when your child is motivated and has the time to practice. Practicing is not only learning vocabulary or working on worksheets. It also includes activities like practicing by reading magazines your child likes, reading texts on the internet about subjects which have his interest, or making time in his schedule to talk to his Dutch parent or family regularly.

How do we include all these conditions into our courses of learning Dutch NT2 to expat children?

  • We provide lessons about the subjects which are close to the student and his everyday life. We are using as many real-life sources as we can.
  • As teachers, we encourage conversation all the time, in and outside class.
  • The teachers are all very enthusiastic and passionate about the Dutch language, the Dutch culture, and the country.
  • Vividly, we share all the information about Dutch holidays and traditions.
  • In the lessons, we alternate working on the four language skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.
  • Especially for young children and toddlers, we combine our and their senses as much as we can.
  • The homework assignments are as practical as possible.

More factors that influence language learning.

Different online Dutch courses NT2 with Dutch for Children

We have several profiles to help you choose the course that is right for your child. Please note that we always have an online intake first to determine the right path for your child? To give you an indication of what we offer for the learning of Dutch for your expat child with different courses:

First: the online Dutch course NT2 for toddlers: children aged 4-6 who do not yet speak Dutch.

This online Dutch course is suitable for children aged 4-6 and their parents. Parents are creatively involved in the Dutch online lessons for their children. Our teachers work with hand puppets, themes, Dutch songs, and a lot of movement. The classes are very interactive. The NT2 online toddler and pre-school program for children from 3 1/2 years up contains the following themes learning Dutch as a second language:

  • body
  • clothing
  • subject to interest (transport, robots, princesses, etc.)
  • family
  • your house
  • daycare, pre-school, or school

happy toddler learning

Secondly: the online Dutch course NT2 for the young child: children aged 6-12 who have had little or no Dutch education.

The standard Dutch NT2 online starter package for primary school children from age 6 to approximately 12 years old contains the following themes:

  • school
  • body
  • family and friends
  • food and drink
  • clothing
  • your house
  • area of living
  • the seasons

We also have tailor-made online Dutch NT2 lessons for young children. These lessons are tailor-made for your expat child, his level, interest, and goals.

watching Dutch video

Third: the Online Dutch course NT2 for teenagers: children aged 12 -18 who have not followed Dutch education (for some time).

For secondary education students, we use, among other methods, Plein 16, NUMO, Contact, and Taal Actief in combination with:

  • online videos
  • quizzes
  • viewing, listening, and writing exercises
  • speaking exercises with Dutch-speaking parent or teacher

We also have tailor-made online Dutch NT2 lessons for teenagers. These lessons are tailor-made for your expat child, his level, interest, and goals. They can also prepare them for a specific Dutch exam, for example. You can read more about our Dutch NT2 online lessons through this link.

girl who is following online class