The best Dutch holidays of 2024! When Dutch people live abroad or expats with children from other countries temporarily stay in the Netherlands, it can be difficult to follow or even understand the local culture and traditions.

Participating in the holidays celebrated here is a great way to learn more about Dutch culture and have fun.

In this blog, we share some of the most fun Dutch holidays that both Dutch people abroad and expats with children in the Netherlands can celebrate. First, I will provide an overview of the official holidays in the Netherlands.

When are the official holidays in the Netherlands?


Below is an overview of the official holidays in the Netherlands in 2023:

New Year’s Day: Sunday, January 1, 2024
Good Friday: Friday, March 29, 2024
Easter (first and second Easter Day): Sunday, March 31, and Monday, April 1, 2024
King’s Day: Saturday, April 27, 2024
Liberation Day: Sunday, May 5, 2024
Ascension Day: Thursday, May 9, 2024
Whitsun (Whit Sunday and Whit Monday): Sunday, May 19, and Monday, May 20, 2024
Christmas (Christmas Day and Boxing Day): Wednesday, December 25 and Thursday, December 26, 2024
Apart from these being the official holidays, on which everyone is free, there is much more celebrated in the Netherlands.

Dutch for Children likes to bring a lot of Dutch Culture into the lessons where it fits. The holidays are an excellent opportunity for this. In selecting those other holidays, we look at age, relevance for the children and their parents, and connecting themes. Our selection consists of 5 hugely fun public holidays.

The 5 most fun Dutch public holidays 2024


Koningsdag is the most fun Dutch public holiday 2024

Koningsdag is one of the Netherlands’ most colorful and lively public holidays. On 27 April, the whole country celebrates King Willem-Alexander’s birthday with various festivities. From free markets where children sell their toys to live performances and parades, there is something for everyone. Children can dress in orange, the national color, and enjoy games, music, and treats. See and read how we celebrate at Dutch for Children here.

Sinterklaas with presents

Sinterklaas is a traditional Dutch festival celebrated on 5 December. The celebration’s highlight is “Pakjesavond,” when children receive presents from Sinterklaas. Children put their shoes in front of the fireplace and hope Sinterklaas puts something inside. It is also customary to write poems and give each other surprising presents. It is a magical time for children, full of excitement and anticipation.

Carnival 2024

Although carnival is mainly celebrated in the south of the Netherlands, Dutch people abroad and expats in the Netherlands can also participate in this vibrant celebration. Carnival is a colorful and exuberant famous festival that takes place in the week preceding Lent. Children can enjoy parades, costume parties, and special children’s events where they can collect sweets and treats. It is a festive tradition where the community comes together to dance, sing, and enjoy themselves.

Liberation Day

On 5 May, the Netherlands celebrates Liberation Day to commemorate the end of World War II and celebrate freedom. It is a day full of festivities, concerts, and events nationwide. There are special activities for children, such as parades and treasure hunts, where they can learn about history and the importance of freedom. It is an excellent opportunity to reflect on freedom and show gratitude together as a family.

Children’s Book Week

During the annual Children’s Book Week, which takes place in October, children are encouraged to read and experience the magic of children’s books. It lasts for a week. Numerous activities are organized during this period to inspire children to read and stimulate their imagination. We follow the news through various websites and pick out the best online opportunities.

What the Dutch Holidays 2024 will bring


All these holidays are great opportunities to experience Dutch culture and traditions. Whether you live in the Netherlands or abroad, celebrating these holidays with your children will undoubtedly create fun and unforgettable memories. If your child becomes a student of Dutch for Children, he won’t miss a single holiday! We pay attention to the most fun holidays linguistically and playfully. Children do home assignments, come dressed up for the camera, or read about some history of that holiday.

I want that for my child! You certainly can. Read more about the content of our language and culture lessons (NTC) via this link (in Dutch), or send us an e-mail to learn more about our language and culture lessons and the possibilities for your child.