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Terms and conditions


Definitions of terms and conditions

The customer is the party that concludes an agreement with Dutch for Children and owes Dutch for Children the payments under the agreement, such as tuition and money for advice. If the customer is the natural person who participates in the lessons or the consultations, he or she is also a participant under these conditions.

The participant is the natural person who participates in a lesson or a consultation.

Agreement is the agreement between Dutch for Children and the customer. Dutch for Children has the obligation to provide one or more participants with one or more services or products upon payment by the customer.

Product: The lessons and electronic or physical products associated with the lessons, the consultations and accompanying material that are supplied to the customer by Dutch for Children.

The tuition fee is due is the full amount due for the respective classes.

The rate for the consultation is the full amount due for the consultation(s) concerned.

The terms and conditions are these terms and conditions of Dutch for Children.

Lessons and payment: terms and conditions

Lessons and consultations are planned in advance and recorded in the agreement: a fixed day and time. If possible for Dutch for Children, lessons can be rescheduled.

Lessons, trial lessons, consultations can be rescheduled if an email is sent at least 24 hours in advance. In the event of later cancellations, the lesson or conversation will be charged in full. Please advise Dutch for Children via email.

In case of late arrival of the student or participant, the agreed lesson time or consultation time will be followed and the full lesson or conversation will be charged.

Lessons planned in advance for a month that are not used can still be taken the following month. There will be no charge for these lessons in this next month. Classes expire after this month. Upon cancellation, the month will be completed.

Note: Lessons are non-refundable.

Trial lessons where the customer does not show up and there is no follow-up, an expense allowance of an extra 7,50 Euro will be charged.

The trial lesson of 30 minutes costs 15 Euro. A trial lesson is given only once.

Lessons must be paid in advance. Per month: At the end of the second week of the month you will receive an invoice of the scheduled classes for the following month. This invoice must be paid within 7 days. Per year: the bill for the entire school year must be paid before the start of the lessons.

Information and intake meetings are free. These can be moved, if you email at least 24 hours in advance. In the event of later or no cancellations, 25 Euro will be charged for the meeting. Please cancel by email.

Dutch for Children reserves the right to change its rates and prices. Changed rates and prices apply from the moment they are introduced by Dutch for Children for all agreements made thereafter.

The customer will bear bank transfer fees.

Terms and conditions payment

Per month: Payable in arrears, no later than 7 days after receipt of invoice. Continues each month until cancellation. Notice period of two weeks.
Per quarter, in our case 10 lessons. Payable in advance, before the first lesson of the 10 lessons. Continues without notice 2 lessons in advance. Term of notice of one month. New invoice appears no later than one week before the next 10 lessons. (For existing customers, the same conditions apply for the half-year option).
Per year, in our case 38 lessons. Reduced rate. Payable in advance, before the first lesson of the 38 lessons. Continues without notice. Notice period of one month. New invoice appears no later than two weeks before the next school year.

In case of default payment: terms and conditions

If the invoice is not paid within 7 days, we will send a reminder by email. If payment is not made in time after the reminder, Dutch for Children will send a second reminder. Failure to pay on time means default by operation of law and without further notice of default being required. A fine of €7.50 is then due.

If payment is not made again, Dutch for Children will send a written reminder. This again costs €7.50 in administration costs.

If payment is not made after a written reminder, Dutch for Children will hand over the claim to an international debt collection company. 15% of the outstanding amount and at least € 50.00 in collection costs will be charged for this. These costs are to be covered by the customer.


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If you have any questions

If you have any questions please contact us and we will help you as soon as we can.

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