DfC’s teachers are working and traveling this summer and giving kids tips for summer vacation! DfC travels from Salt Lake City to the mountains, from the Dominican Republic, Portugal, and Spain to the Netherlands, and from the Netherlands to Sweden.

Are you traveling with DfC?

Working as a teacher during the summer vacation

Working as a teacher during the summer vacations is quite normal for an online teacher at DfC. Dutch for Children is never closed. Assumptions and counseling sessions continue as usual. New students start with their lessons or existing students want extra lessons to gain a boost during the summer holidays.

Our teachers are very flexible and don’t mind teaching even when they travel. Some students have more time for their Dutch lessons during the summer. There are also students who could use a little more confidence before they move to the Netherlands and then a few extra lessons can be a big help for them.

A few of DfC’s teachers tell us about their summer in this blog. Super fun and informative to read. Of course, tips are also given: be sure to use them with your kids if they interest you!

The summer vacation of teacher Crystel

Hi, I’m teacher Crystel and this summer I’m going on a four-week vacation to Denmark and Sweden with my boyfriend and our red camper. In Sweden, it is allowed to camp in the wilderness in between the beautiful nature.

With the solar panels on the camper’s roof and a cold outdoor shower, we can spend quite a while in the wilderness. In addition, we will be visiting several cities during our stay.

In my college days, I lived in Malmö so that I will relive my old memories there. Copenhagen is home to several English-speaking friends that we will be visiting.

In other words, during the vacations, I will practice my English and Swedish! It’s nice to get back in touch with different languages this way.

My tips for summer vacation?

1. Join an online library so that you can listen to online books in the car or in front of the caravan.
2. Create your personal story using this link summer reading. You can enter the four names of the main characters. The fun idea is to use the parents’ name, brother(s), or sister(s) and see where the story goes!

Happy vacations to all! Greetings from miss Crystel

twee mensen blij in camper

Teacher Adriane’s summer in Spain

Hello everybody! My name is Adriane, and I enjoy being a teacher at Dutch for Children. I live with my husband and children in Spain. Here we have three months of vacation in the summer, so enough time to do lots of fun things. But also enough time to let the lesson material slip from my children’s minds again. And as a mother and also a teacher, I think that is a big shame.

Our oldest will be entering the third year of elementary school after the vacations and has been learning to read and write a lot this past school year. Our bedtime routine has changed from being read to by me to her reading to me. With two grandmothers working in education, we regularly receive interesting reading books from the Netherlands. We will probably read them all this summer as she has started getting the hang of it.

Elementary school in Spain

Our youngest will enter his first year in elementary school after the summer. Here in Spain, that’s as early as three years old. Last week he said goodbye to the kindergarten. He tries to copy his big sister and also tries to read books by himself. He writes along and points to all kinds of letters. So I try to read him exciting books to help his vocabulary and reading but also his creativity. There is a lot of material to find and use for parents who want to keep “practicing” with their children in a fun way during the summer vacation. As a teacher in the Netherlands, I also handed out all kinds of things to my students during the last week of school.

Now in my Dutch for Children classes, I like to use issuu.com. It is a website full of reading books and workbooks where you can see a large part of the book. I highly recommend the summer reading books that are published every year.

Happy summer and have lots of fun reading!

meisje leest in bed

This summer, teacher Anja is giving lessons from her sailing boat

I am working this summer with several students. It is so nice that I can do the work anywhere there is good internet. I am going to drive my car from Portugal to the Netherlands. In Holland, we are going to see a lot of family and friends. We are going to stay on the sailboat. We will also sail, and occasionally I will give lessons from the boat. The best thing about this summer is that I can enjoy time with my two granddaughters again. They are so sweet; the oldest is already 7 months and the youngest 5 weeks.

I am looking forward to it.

My tips for this summer: Try to read a book wherever you are. In the car, at the campsite, in the car, on the plane, in your bed, on the couch, by the pool, at the beach, and so on. Then after the vacations, the teachers would love to hear where and what you have read. And for the children who can’t read yet: on YouTube, you can watch many clips of ‘juf Roos’.

juf Anja achter het stuur van een grote zeilboot

Moving in the summer for teacher and founder of DfC Wendy

Our summer is very unusual this year: as a family, we are saying goodbye to the Dominican Republic and preparing to start our lives in the Netherlands again. We have lived in Curacao for 3 years and then in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, for 3 years.

I always work through the summer because Dutch for Children is never closed, but I do now combine my work and the move with some more nice trips in this country. Don’t worry; the Change in countries will have no further impact on Dutch for Children.

My tip for children is: A very nice way to stay busy with Dutch is to keep a holiday/travel diary. You can write in it, but you can also paste pictures and draw. A nice memento after your trip or vacation.

I wish everyone a very happy summer! Best regards from Wendy van Dalen

Juf Marieke studies and teaches from Salt Lake City

As an elementary school teacher, I was in front of the classroom in Rotterdam for many years. Although I enjoyed teaching and still call the city where I was born and raised home, I wanted to expand my boundaries. I moved to Japan to work at an international school. Being abroad appealed to me greatly, and with my boyfriend, I moved to Salt Lake City in the United States.

Before moving, I started as an online teacher with Dutch For Children to teach online from America. At Dutch for Children, I can use my classroom experience to connect with what a student is capable of and appeals to. Writing a fairy tale or fake news story, making a memory, cracking an escape room, or writing and learning a song. I can use my love of creating lessons and educational games at Dutch for Children. On Saturday mornings, I log in to see my students, hear about their week and have fun during our Dutch class.

I prefer to work with students during the summer. For them, it is good because they don’t suffer from the ‘summer dip’ and keep up with their Dutch, and for me, because I enjoy teaching so much. Some students go on vacation and temporarily stop the lessons, which is also possible!


Regarding travel, I try to return to the Netherlands at least once every six months, especially to see my niece and eat “bitterballen”. You can do great hiking and camping in the summer because the mountains surround Salt Lake City. There is one thing I love the most about summer, and that is cycling!

My tip for this summer vacation: There’s nothing better than lying on a sun bed staring at the sea, but you can also practice your Dutch while relaxing! Listening to a podcast increases your vocabulary, and you get used to spoken language and tempo At www.kinderpodcasts.nl, you can find podcasts for all ages.

vrouw kijkend naar een beek

Muriel, our teacher who can go to the Netherlands after 2 ½ years in the summer

She is looking forward to this enormously! Before she left, she still enjoyed teaching. After her vacation, she will continue with the students who are back or want to start. She has an emphatic request for the children: please watch Dutch television, read a book, or practice in Junior Einstein. That is fun and ensures you don’t lose much of your newfound Dutch knowledge.

More fun ideas for your kids’ summer vacation

From teacher Mirjam in Uganda: Here is a nice reading bingo to keep reading in a fun way. Greetings, teacher Mirjam. You can get this reading bingo by emailing us with the subject ‘reading bingo’.

From miss Chantal from Bonaire: There is a new season online of ‘De Regels van Floor’.

In Floor’s world, children, like adults, invent their own rules, which leads to surprising new insights. This youth series is based on the successful book series of the same name by Marjon Hoffman. The books are great fun to read, and the episodes are hilarious. Laughter guaranteed!

It’s a nice idea to write down a line about your summer vacation in the same style as Floor. Have fun reading and watching via this link!

Keeping up with Dutch in the children’s summer vacations

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