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Online Nederlands leren, voor expat kinderen, verhuizen naar het buitenland met kinderen

Online Dutch teacher Bouke introduces himself.

My name is Bouke Raap and I am an online teacher at Dutch for Children. I live together with my family in the nature of Portugal. With great pleasure, I teach children all over the world.

As an inspired teacher, I have been teaching children of various ages for nine years. Students and parents describe me as a person with humor, who is kind and honest and works together based on connection, trust, responsibility, and empathy.

The courses that I have followed are:

– Training as a teacher for primary education: iPabo, Leerkracht basisonderwijs,
– Courses: Kanjertraining, licentie A, Amsterdam

My work experience:
– Teaching group 3 until 8 at various schools in Amsterdam
– Teaching children with Dutch as a second language in Amsterdam
– Teaching children in Portugal

Did you know that teacher Bouke lives in Portugal? Your child can read more about that country here.

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foto van leerkracht Crystel