Online Dutch teacher Manouk

Online Dutch teacher Manouk introduces herself
Hi, my name is Manouk van de Biezen. I am an enthusiastic and creative teacher. I live with my husband in Texas, USA. In my free time, I like to draw, play games, play sports, and explore America.

Before we moved to Texas, I taught at an elementary school in Amersfoort. A school with many different cultures, so focusing on the Dutch language has always been a priority.

I find it important to work in a differentiated way and to take into account the basic needs and the starting situation of the child.

I do this by making tailor-made lessons, so each child can participate at the right level and develop optimally. In my customized lessons I also pay attention to current events and the world of experience, this will make the children involved, curious and enthusiastic. Learning is fun!

Relevant education I have completed:
– Elementary school teacher at the Hogeschool Utrecht
– Courses, such as EDI and Children’s Talent Whisperer

Relevant work experience:
– Elementary school teacher of groups 4, 5, 7, and 8.
– Supervising small groups of children

If your child would like to read more about Texas, where this teacher lives, click this link.

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