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Online Dutch lessons for the kids of this world! Learning Dutch for children online has never been more fun!

Learn Dutch online, for expat children all over the world

The online Dutch private lessons of Dutch for Children are tailor-made. The lessons are guided by the way of learning of the child, the education level of the child, the interest of the child and the goals you set as parents. We have a flexible range of online Dutch lessons, depending on the needs of you and your child. Learn Dutch for Children and read more about our online lessons.

Early childhood education

Primary education

  • Dutch Language and Culture lessons 
  • Dutch lessons for expat children with Dutch as a second language
  • Tutoring online; all subjects
  • Online preparation of tests and final test
  • Read more about online primary education overhere

Secondary education

  • Dutch language and culture lessons
  • Dutch lessons for expat children with Dutch as a second language
  • Modules Dutch (for example reading comprehension, spelling, etc.)
  • Preparation of tests and exams
  • Read more about online secondary education over here

Learn online about the Dutch Language and Culture

To learn Dutch online, to keep the Dutch culture alive or to get to know the Dutch culture, we offer online language and culture lessons. Dutch for expats and emigrants. Your child follows online Dutch language lessons in accordance with the program of the primary school in the Netherlands. Extra attention is paid to events in the Netherlands and the well known traditions and celebrations. We also work with your child on getting used to the Dutch school system, the method of learning and the method of testing. This is especially for children who are returning to the Netherlands. Look at our offer for primary school children.

Learn Dutch as a second or third language online

For online learning Dutch as a second language you can also contact Dutch for Children (NT2 and NT3 online). We teach Dutch as a second or third language for kids as well. Dutch for expats is to learn for sure. See our offer of Dutch NT2 education online.

Help with returning to the Netherlands

For Dutch speaking children who return to the Netherlands, we offer qualitative and professional assistance when returning to Dutch primary or secondary education. Learning Dutch for children who return to the Netherlands is very rewarding. We support your child in all subjects or only in the Dutch language and ensure a smooth transition. We work closely with the host school in the Netherlands.

Contact us for more information or a free trial lesson.

Dutch online classes

Before coming to Curacao our son had been having Dutch classes via Skype for several months with Wendy, he was always very motivated and looking forward to having his Dutch lessons.

Dutch live classes

After arriving in Curacao he started having his personal classes with Wendy which he always has enjoyed. She keeps him interested always trying to use his own interest in the classes.

The outcome

My wife and I are very happy with the outcome of these classes and would surely recommend Wendy if you are looking to support your kids in the Dutch language.
Roldan Velasco


Transition IB – Dutch system

My boys have been having lessons with Wendy for the past 6 months in order to help them with the transition of going from the IB system into the Dutch system.

Various motivating methods

Wendy has a fantastic way to keep the lessons interesting and she manages to engage them for an hour each over Skype. She is using various methods to bring the message across and builds the lessons around the interests of the kids.

If you are looking for support for your kids to get their levels up in their Dutch, I would happily recommend Wendy.

Zelna Moller


Online voortgezet onderwijs

Ruim vijf jaar wonen wij (mijn man, twee zoons 14 en 16) in Texas. Omdat beide kinderen hier naar een publieke school gaan, krijgen zij geen Nederlandse les. Bijna 4 jaar kregen zij elke week les. Maar vrij plotseling moesten wij door omstandigheden in 2018 een nieuwe juf vinden. Door een super enthousiaste vriendin kregen wij de gegevens van Dutch for Children.

Gevarieerd en boeiend

Wendy is erg goed in het inleven en enthousiasmeren van mijn twee zoons. Elke les is gevarieerd en boeiend. Echt een aanwinst voor onze kinderen en wij zijn heel blij met deze manier van lesgeven.

Mira Havinga


Inspiring and challenging online Dutch lessons: For the kids of this world!

Hello, my name is Wendy van Dalen and my passion lies in teaching Dutch online to children all over the world. From this passion and my passion for traveling, Dutch for Children was born. I currently live and work with my family in the Dominican Republic.

In this video I will tell you more about Dutch for Children and Dutch online lessons for children in Dutch.

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