How is Easter 2024 celebrated? Here are tips for children. But first of all, what is Easter again?

For those with a Catholic upbringing, this may be very obvious. For other people, for example, it mainly concerns spring and everything that comes from it. It’s quite similar in part: Spring is a time of better times, better weather, and hope. Easter is also a celebration of hope, lighted by the resurrection of Jesus in the Christian faith.

Easter 2024 with children: how is it celebrated?

Soon, it will be White Thursday, Good Friday, Silent Saturday, and Easter again—days that recur yearly. People who were raised on Easter in terms of faith know the days, meanings, and celebrations. For (their) children, this is often more difficult because it is no longer celebrated in the family. Sometimes, it comes back through school, youth news, or online Dutch lessons.

Below, I briefly discuss what happens each day as simply as possible and how it is remembered or celebrated. This also makes it accessible to your reading children if you would like.

White Thursday: the day of Jesus’ last supper

On White Thursday, people commemorate Jesus’ last supper. During this meal, Jesus was betrayed by one of his friends. His name was Judas. This betrayal allowed the Romans to capture Jesus and hang him on the cross.

What does white mean? White symbolizes “the silent joy. The betrayal was not something to rejoice about, but the Last Supper was. Jesus promised during the meal that he would not abandon them, even after his death. Hence, people who believe in this can quietly rejoice on this day.

White Thursday is on March 28, 2024. If your child wants to read more about this day in Dutch, he can visit Wikikids via this link.

Good Friday: Jesus on the cross

Good Friday is about Jesus being hung on the cross and dying on it. The Way of the Cross is covered during the Roman Catholic church service. The way Jesus walked with the cross on his back, being struck on the cross and dying. In the church, plates or posters are often depicted this way.

Why is this day called Good Friday? The Christian story tells that Jesus died so others could go to heaven. That, of course, is beautiful and a good thing.

Good Friday falls on March 29, 2024. Want ideas on how to celebrate or think of this at home with your children? These tips are appropriate for the smallest children.

Silent Saturday: Jesus in his tomb

Silent Saturday commemorates Jesus’s burial. In the evening, prayers are said in many churches, which is called an Easter vigil. During the vigil, the lighting of the special Easter candle is very important. This ritual portrays that Jesus, the “Light of the world,” has been brought back to life. With the paschal candle, one also blesses the water with which children and adults are baptized.

Silent means churches do not ring their bells on this day: It is and remains silent. Silent Saturday is on March 30, 2024. You can talk at home about “being still” and what that means to you when you do it, and exactly what it feels like.

Easter: the rising of Jesus from the dead

This day is about Jesus rising from the grave and living. This is a celebration for Christians. Actually, it’s even bigger than Christmas. Jesus and his thoughts are alive. It proves that God forgives. After Jesus was punished, he was brought back to life.

The dates of Easter 2024 for children in a row:

  • First and second Easter Day: Sunday, March 31, 2024, and Monday, April 1, 2024
  • The original Easter vacation no longer exists in the Netherlands, but the May vacation does. North: 27 April to 5 May 2024 and South: 27 April to 5 May 2024

Easter can be celebrated in different ways: at church, at home, or at school. Below are ideas and tips on treating it in our Dutch for Children classes.

gekleurde paaseieren

Tips for Easter 2024: How is Easter and spring celebrated in the online lessons?

How is Easter and spring celebrated in the online lessons? These themes appeal to many children.

We definitely respond to this in our online Dutch language and culture lessons. In terms of the timing of spring in the Netherlands, what all that brings with it, like live webcams of bird and nature conservation, but also themes like ‘hope,’ ‘young animals,’ and ‘birth,’ appear in our lessons. Below, we give a small list of things you can do at home as well.

Spring 2024 with preschoolers

  • A talking picture to engage preschoolers in conversation about spring. Scroll your mouse over the plate and click on the links to find all kinds of informative knowledge or just talk about it. From kindergarten idea!
  • Miss Sanne has many language activities for children already enjoying the letters. Highly recommended!

Spring with children who have started reading this year


Children who have been reading for a while

For all children in the Easter or spring theme

More videos about Easter 2024



Use one of the many reading bingo games you can find via Google: “reading bingo Easter” or “reading bingo vacation. Reading bingo is a fun way to get kids reading. The fun part is that you can make it yourself, possibly with your child. ou develop various situations where your child can read. The crazier, the better!


Language games

Scavenger hunt with spring or Easter words through the garden or park. For younger children, you can use pictures or photos in addition to the words or a letter scavenger hunt. It is also very fun to combine with an egg hunt. Look here for all kinds of ideas and a free e-book.

Online, we like to use the following games:


Free language activity on the theme of Easter 2024 and spring

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