Father’s Day 2024 falls in the Netherlands this year on June 16. The Netherlands always celebrates this day on the third Sunday in June. Most countries celebrate Father’s Day once a year, but not every country does it on the same day.

In Germany, for example, Ascension Day is when fathers are spotlighted. Most Belgians celebrate Father’s Day on the second Sunday in June.

However, Antwerpers already do so on March 19. This probably has to do with the Spanish occupation in the 16th and 17th centuries.

In many Catholic countries, such as Spain, Italy, and Portugal, Father’s Day is celebrated on St. Joseph’s Day, also on March 19. This day is dedicated to the foster father of Jesus.

Make an original Father’s Day gift

Isn’t that what dads love the most? Receiving a homemade gift, especially if it is original and not one of so many? We would like to help you with three ideas!

1. Original Father’s Day gift

Dad newspaper—for the whole family, but especially for children who can write (already a little). All children and, of course, your mom or other dad can participate in this.


  1. Time and planning!
  2. Discuss with each other what to put in the paper.
  3. You can use a big sheet, write dad in the middle, and then collect ideas
  4. children who can write, write a (short) article
  5. children who can write, draw or glue cut-out pictures to depict a story/anecdote or characteristic or trait of daddy
  6. agree on an end date when everyone will be ready, or mark in your diary a few times when you will work on the paper
  7. see who can assemble the newspaper
  8. the newspaper can be put together on paper or digitally (then you have to digitize all contributions with photos or scans)
  9. use Canva, for example; even with the free version, you can do a lot
  10. Or Nieuwstool with a ready-made newspaper that you can edit

Can you use extra help? Then, email us for materials. This will help you with brainstorming, drafting the article, and drafting the newspaper. We will gladly send it to you for free.

.Jongen die schrijft - boy who is writing

2. Nice Father’s Day 2024 poem

A verse to memorize – for preschoolers and toddlers who are ready.

There are many poems on the Internet. If you are a little bit creative, you can also make one yourself that suits your partner or adapt an existing verse a little bit.

This is a modern verse that we like because it includes English. Of course, then it has to fit your family.

Ooo, wat een happy day,
want papa, vandaag maak ik je blij!
Trek jouw happy socks maar aan,
om vandaag op pad te gaan.
Zo ben je hip en cool, een echte held
de enige die voor mij telt.
Weet je wel waarom ik je verwen?
Omdat ik,………….(naam) je grote kampioen ben.

Another fun and easy poem to learn is this one:

Op een ochtend als deze
moet je dit briefje lezen
Zodat je leest wat ik zeggen wou
lieve pap, ik hou van jou

Get more inspiration here, among others:

And, of course, AI is not to be missed:

Tips with AI: Instruct the bot to write a Father’s Day poem in Dutch or make it more specific:

  • indicate how old your child is
  • indicate what the father likes
  • specify the length of the poem
  • etc.

Meisje liggend in het gras. Ze schrijft een Vaderdaggedicht. Girl lying in the grass, writing a Father's Day poem,

How do you practice a Father’s Day poem with your child?

Use an introductory story, a question, or an object to help them get into the mood. This is usually not that difficult because it is about their father.

Next, recite the poem alone. Your child(ren) will listen.

Then, check to see if they get the big picture by discussing the verse and any more difficult words. What is it about? While reciting the verse, please also support it visually. For example:

  • Gestures
  • Pictures (to indicate the order)
  • Materials
  • Dress up stuff
  • Instruments

Then, recite the verse several times in different playful ways. Above all, do not recite the verse but tell it musically. Provide variation, for example:

  1. Have your child(ren) say only the last (rhyming) words.
  2. Have your child say only the last part of each sentence
  3. Loud and soft
  4. Slow and fast
  5. Use all the emotions: happy, scared, angry, or sad.
  6. Take turns reciting a line.


3. A Father’s Day song

Dirk Scheele wrote this Father’s Day song. You can sing this for your dad on Father’s Day.

Vaderdag – Dirk Scheele

  1. Papapapapapapapapapa
  2. He papa, ik wens je een fijne Vaderdag
  3. He papa, vandaag is een dag dat je alles mag
  4. He papa, we hebben een fijn ontbijtje
  5. He papa, en een lekker eitje
  6. En blijf lekker in je bedwant de wekker is niet gezet NEE
  7. Papapapapapapapapapa
  8. He papa, je krijgt een mooi cadeautje
  9. He papa, koffie en een broodje
  10. He papa, we houden heel veel van jou
  11. He papa, en drink je koffie nu maar gauw
  12. Want anders wordt ‘ie koud of lauw
  13. Papapapapapapapapapa

Guitar chords:
E (or E7+9) repeat

© Text and music: Dirk Scheele

On YouTube, you can find the song with Dirk Scheele. If you turn on the transcript, you will see the lyrics to the right of the image.

Kind speelt gitaar en zingt voor Vaderdag 2024. Girl playing the gitar for Father's Day 2024..