Expats to the Netherlands: knowledge is power.

Expats to the Netherlands: When (re)emigrating to the Netherlands, knowledge is power!

Knowledge is power when (re)emigrating to the Netherlands: some things are good to know and to prepare if you have enough time.

(Re)emigrating to the Netherlands after living abroad is exciting and fun, but it can also be challenging with children.

As an online Dutch language school for children, we focus mainly on educational issues and have written several valuable articles about this.

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Expats to the Netherlands: knowledge is power: An overview of articles on remigration or emigration to the Netherlands

Here, you will find an overview of articles that can help you when returning to the Netherlands with children. These can also be found on our blog page, where you will find a handy guide.

Choice of elementary school

How do I choose a good elementary school for my child when I come from abroad? Are you returning to the Netherlands with your family after a stay abroad? Or is this your first time moving to the Netherlands? Then there is a lot to think about, arrange, and choose. Choosing the right school for your child(ren) is one of those things that can keep you awake.

This article (in Dutch) will help you on your way.

Secondary education when moving to the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the education system offers different types of secondary schools, each with unique characteristics and options for further education and professions.

Let’s examine closely what your child can expect based on the type of high school you think he will attend.

Secondary education: future prospects in the Netherlands (in English).

Special education in the Netherlands

Every child is unique, and some students need extra support in their education. In the Netherlands, schools are responsible for providing a good educational place for all pupils who need extra support.

If you are an expat or a returning Dutch family, it is crucial to understand what to expect from the Dutch education system in 2024 regarding your child’s learning needs.

This blog explores the concept of appropriate education and its implications for children in the Netherlands.

Level of the Dutch language of your children when (re)emigrating to the Netherlands

The reference level in primary and secondary education indicates this in the Netherlands. It is an important indication of the level your child has mastered.

The Dutch education system strives for clear language and numeracy levels for primary and secondary education pupils. This is crucial for understanding what your children should know and be able to do.

The item looks a little further into these reference levels in Dutch education (in English).

Studying in the Netherlands

How does my child make the right study choice? This is the sequel to the article “Help, we are going to Holland!

This article in Dutch is about returning to when your child has just started high school or is facing a profile or study choice.

These can be extra difficult moments on top of the usual return stress.

Reverse culture shock

As a parent, returning is already quite a challenge. For Dutch expat children, this change can be even more drastic. In the article this is explained.

It discusses the challenges expat children face when returning to the Netherlands.

Expats to the Netherlands: knowledge is power. Do you want more guidance?

Please contact us if you want more guidance. We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your children in the Netherlands.