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Online Nederlands leren, voor expat kinderen, verhuizen naar het buitenland met kinderen

Dutch online teacher: our team

Our Dutch online teacher teaches children all over the world with great passion. They all do this through Skype or other video calling programs. They live in places worldwide and have experience with children who grow up and learn abroad. As a result, they can respond to the children’s needs and any difficulties they may face when learning multiple languages.

Our Dutch tutors are trained for primary, secondary, and NT2 education. Our students enjoy following online education from these top teachers with the experience of living and working abroad.

Our Dutch online teachers are trained for primary, secondary, and NT2 education. Our students enjoy following online education from these top teachers with the experience of living and working abroad. They have experience in keeping up with Dutch as the first, second, or third language combined with the Dutch culture and culture of the host country. This makes online Dutch lessons for children very interesting and valuable.

Together at Dutch for Children, we are more concerned with which Dutch tutor best suits your child: in terms of time and hours and in terms of learning style and interests. Thus, the children’s individual needs are our primary concern. We do provide not only tailor-made lessons but also tailor-made teachers.

Wendy van Dalen, Dutch online teacher and director

My name is Wendy van Dalen. I am a teacher and the founder of Dutch for Children. My passion is to provide Dutch education for children around the world. 

Anja van der Zee

My name is Anja van der Zee and I work with great pleasure and enthusiasm at Dutch for Children. I live with my husband in Portugal. We have three children. I think it’s a privilege to work with children.

Wendy Damen

Hi, my name is Wendy Damen. I am a teacher at Dutch for Children. I am also a Group 3 teacher at the NTC Orange School in Seattle in America.

Leerkracht online Nederlands Muriel

Muriel Beijer-Jansen

My name is Muriel Beijer-Jansen and I live with my family in Houston in teh USA. After being a teacher for 12 years in the Netherlands and Singapore, I now work with great enthusiasm for Dutch for Children. I think it’s a great challenge to be able to contribute to the development of children through online teaching.


Marieke Timmer

My name is Marieke Timmer and I live with my boyfriend in America. As a teacher I have worked at schools in the inner city of Rotterdam and in Tokyo. I have a passion for designing education and I can put this to good use at Dutch for Children.

juf Willemieke online Nederlandse les

Chantal de Wijs

My name is Chantal de Wijs, an enthusiastic teacher with a passion for good education. Besides being a teacher at Dutch for Children, I also worked at a private elementary school for children with special educational needs. Customization is key here and is also
reflected in my lessons for Dutch for Children.

portret leerkracht Mirjam

Rene Meeuse

My name is René, and I am a motivated teacher who teaches young people with great passion while seeing the students and providing appropriate guidance.

Matching the lessons to the learning style, level, and interests of the child and the goals the parents set for their child fits perfectly with my teaching style and the way Dutch for Children works.

portret leerkracht Mirjam

Mirjam Veld

My name is Mirjam and together with my family, I live in Uganda. I am an elementary school teacher with also experience with older students.

Besides working for Dutch for Children I also work for the Dutch school in Uganda.

I always challenge myself to make fun and educational lessons for every unique student.

juf Angelique

Bouke Raap

My name is Bouke Raap and together with my family, I live in the nature of Portugal. With great pleasure, I teach at Dutch for Children.

I enjoy it when children discover what they can offer the world with their own talents and what the world can offer them.

In the Netherlands, I taught from group 3 to group 8. I have a lot of experience in teaching children with Dutch as a second language and to children from expat families.

juf Angelique

Angelique Bos

My name is Angelique Bos. I have been working in schools in the Netherlands for 14 years now.

I started in regular education, but have been teaching at a newcomer school in Amstelveen for two years.

Every child has his own story, cultural background, and interests. These aspects inspire me in designing engaging lessons.

Together we will look at the needs of your child regarding his Dutch language development and how I can best connect to his interests and learning styles.

foto van juf Claudia

Claudia Schopman

My name is Claudia Schopman, 25 years old, and traveling with my partner in Europe.

After 2 years of teaching on the beautiful island of Curacao, where I taught at a local school with NT2 students (students with Dutch as a second language), I returned to the Netherlands I started working temporarily as a school coach at a Cluster 4 secondary school and did substitute work.

In my teaching style, I strive for high learning outcomes and know how to achieve them by really “seeing” each student and therefore stimulating them appropriately.