Dutch online teacher Mirjam

Dutch online teacher Mirjam introduces herself:  My name is Mirjam Veld. I’m a passionate teacher that works in Uganda. I live here together with my husband and our two daughters. Besides Dutch for Children, I also work for the Dutch school in Kampala. In the past few years, I have gained experience in both learning a new language and maintaining the native language.

I enjoy the challenge of having to adjust my lessons to each individual student. I do this by connecting their interests and learning styles within the lessons. I worked in secondary education in the Netherlands during my first years after graduation. I found this a fun group to teach, but I greatly enjoyed teaching the kindergarten kids.

– Educational Assistant
– Elementary school teacher (pabo)

Work experience:
– Teacher in the Dutch school of Uganda (1st grade till 6th)
– Supervising volunteers and interns
– Secondary education in the Netherlands
– Elementary education in the Netherlands
– Private dutch lessons
– Childcare and out-of-school programs
– Homework assistance

Did you know that teacher Mirjam lives in Uganda? You can read more about Uganda here.

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