Dutch online teacher Merel

Dutch online teacher Merel introduces herself: Hello! My name is Merel Rusinga (Nijs), and I work from Canada with much pleasure for Dutch for Children. I’m staying with my husband and daughters in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada.

I have experience in both the Dutch and international education systems; After graduating, I first worked for one year at a dutch primary school before moving to Oeganda in 2016 to follow my heart and dreams.

There I worked for two years at an international school and though children from all over the world. This was a fantastic time and a great learning experience! After that time, I also worked in a Dutch school again for some time.

For me, there is no “one-size-fits-all” method to help children in their language development. Every child is different, of course, in their learning process, but also in their background and interests.

Therefore creating a custom lesson for each of my students is my passion and mission to
take children to the next level. Fortunately, this fits well with Dutch for Children!

– Educational Assistant
– Bachelor of Education (pabo)

Work experience:
– Elementary School in Putten and Ermelo – Elementary teacher
– International school in Oeganda – Elementary Teacher

Did you know that teacher Merel lives in Canada? You can read more about Canada here.

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