Dutch online teacher Marieke

Dutch online teacher Marieke introduces herself: Hi, I am Marieke Timmer, and I have worked as a teacher for many years and now work from Amerika. As a teacher, I have encountered and learned a lot about the different cultures of my students, one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. I enjoy spending my time designing and developing lessons in which I can express my creativity.

Apart from my job as a teacher, I am interested in Scientific literature regarding the latest trends in education. I also enjoy doing research myself.

When I’m not busy teaching, I play the guitar or tennis. I also enjoy going out hiking.

Especially when giving online lessons, there is a lot of possibility for creativity and individual attention toward the students. Education should be connected to the educational needs of each student, and this is where I like to help.

The courses I have taken are:
– Primary education teacher training (pabo)
– Bachelor Educational sciences
– Master Educational Sciences

My work experience:
– Teacher of 2nd to 6th grade at the elementary school of the RVKO in Rotterdam.
– Homeroom teacher at middle school Tokyo West International School
– Experience with Dalton, Montessori, Vrije School, and International Baccalaureate education.
– Experience in online homeschooling.

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