Dutch online teacher Margo

Dutch online teacher Margo introduces herself: My name is Margo van Gurp. I am an enthusiastic teacher with love for providing fitting education. After having lived in Suriname for several years, I now live in the Netherlands again.

The most important thing in my work is that my students are happy and can bring out the best in themselves. Enjoyment and (gaining) self-confidence are key.

As a teacher, I provide custom and challenging instruction in a safe learning environment because no two children are alike! Therefore, my teaching motto is, “Teach me how to do it myself, at my own learning pace and level”.

In 2011, I completed my PABO. During my pabo, I also chose to get the Montessori diploma. After a year of working as a substitute in Drenthe, I traded my native province for city life in Amsterdam, where I worked at several Montessori schools.

After a few years, I moved to Suriname with my partner. There I taught at a Dutch elementary school and supervised children with special educational needs.

Once back in the Netherlands, I worked at a school for experience-based education, worked in education for newcomers in the Netherlands, and as a remedial teacher.

I bring all of these experiences with me to my work at Dutch for Children!

In my free time, I love to go on adventures. I love traveling, hiking in nature, mountain biking, and hitting the road with my self-built camper van. I also train for the triathlon and like to play board games.


– pabo
– Montessori

– Education to newcomers in the Netherlands

Work experience:

– Elementary school teacher in Drenthe and Amsterdam (kindergarten to 6th grade)
– Teacher at a Dutch elementary school in Suriname (Grade 3/4)
– Special education needs teacher in Suriname (1st to 6th grade)
– New-comer education teacher (1st to 6th grade)
– Remedial teacher (1st to 6th grade)
– Experience with Montessori-, dalton- and experience-based education

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