Dutch online teacher Linda

Dutch online teacher Linda introduces herself: Bon dia! My name is Linda Roording, and I have enjoyed living in Curaçao for several years. I just returned to the Netherlands this year 2023.

Besides teaching on the island, I enjoyed the climate and the pleasant environment. of Curaçao

Within education, I prefer to work in small groups or individually, guiding students. Here I challenge myself by trying to modify the material so that the students can learn and develop at their best in their own way.

Before starting my pabo, I completed my sports education course and worked in the sports, games, and education sectors. I incorporate the knowledge I’ve gained from sports education into my classes and pay a lot of attention to moving while learning.

In Curaçao, I worked with lower elementary-grade students including NT2-students (Dutch as a second language), among others. I continued working in elementary school for several years but now only in small classes with children who all work with an individual learning plan.

When I’m not busy teaching, I enjoy walking my dogs, reading a book, or doing activities with friends.

– Physical teacher
– pabo

Work experience:
– Sports-BSO team leader
– Elementary school teacher & NT2-expert
– Individual learning support

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