Dutch online teacher Anouk

Dutch online teacher Anouk introduces herself: My name is Anouk Drinkenburg, and together with my partner, I love to travel the world. As a youth counselor, I have worked in Australia and the United States. Besides those wonderful experiences, I worked as a teacher in Cambodia, China, and Spain for several years.

Once back in the Netherlands, I started working in elementary education. Most of the time I worked as a 6th-grade teacher, but I also enjoy teaching other year groups.

I have a positive mindset and like to stay busy improving myself. Working in the educational field is different every day. Each child has their own story, cultural background, and interests. These aspects inspire me while designing engaging lessons. What I like about teaching Dutch is the influences of subjects like culture and integrating them into my classes.

In addition, I value getting to know my students and building a relationship of trust. This gives us a sense of being close while being apart.

– Bachelor Elementary school teacher
– English teacher SL
– Cambridge TKT Young Learners

Work experience;
– Upper elementary school teacher
– English teacher; youth, teens, and adults

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