Dutch online teacher Angelique

Dutch online teacher Angelique introduces herself: Hello! My name is Angelique Bos. I lived with my family in America for three years. Our four children received Dutch lessons after school, allowing them to re-enter a Dutch school in the Netherlands without any problems. How cool is that!

I have been teaching for fourteen years now. I started in regular education but now teach at a school for newcomers in Amstelveen for the past two years. The children come from around the world and receive one year of intensive Dutch lessons. After one year, they move on to regular dutch education. I enjoy working with so many different nationalities.

Each child has their own story, cultural background, and interests. These aspects inspire me to design interesting and engaging lessons. Together we will look at what your child needs regarding his Dutch language development and how I can best connect with his or her interests and learning styles.

In my spare time, I am often busy designing lessons. If I have a little time left, I pick up the pen. My ninth children’s book has already been finished. Being busy with language truly is my passion!

– Elementary school teacher (pabo)
– NT2 Teacher for adolescents and adults

– Providing support to refugee children (Augeo academy)
– Mentoring training
– Dealing with dyslexia in the classroom
– World full of Words thematic
– Writing children’s and adolescent stories

Work experience:
– Teacher of regular elementary education (kindergarten till 6th grade)
– Remedial Teaching group (2nd till 4th grade)
– New-comer education teacher (1st till 6th grade)
– Teacher for adults NT2 (Dutch as a second language)
– Dutch teacher
– Elementary school teacher in Atlanta

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