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Online Nederlands leren, voor expat kinderen, verhuizen naar het buitenland met kinderen

Follow primary education online: tailor-made Dutch lessons from home

Dutch online lessons for kids work! Do you live outside the Netherlands or are you going to emigrate with your children to the Netherlands? Of course you want your child to learn the Dutch language and culture well. Or maybe your child needs extra lessons and primary education online is a perfect option? Dutch lessons for kids is a great option.

At Dutch for Children, children attend primary education online, tailor-made, via Skype or another program. In this way your child gets the quality of Dutch primary education, from anywhere in the world, at an online primary school.

So you want your child to:

  • follow online Dutch lessons for kids all over the world?
  • follow Dutch primary education online, from home?
  • get lessons at his or her own level, in the right group of primary school?
  • at a time that is most convenient for you and your child?

Please contact us for Dutch for kids and we can discuss whether taking primary education online is a good option for your child.

dutch online lessons for kids

These are the options for online primary education at Dutch For Children:

  • Taking Dutch language and culture lessons, from anywhere in the world at an online primary school. Dutch culture for kids can be so much fun!
  • Dutch as a second language: Online Dutch lesson for (expat) children (NT2)
  • Take extra lessons at the online primary school, so that your child does not fall behind
  • Online Remedial Teaching: online guidance with learning difficulties
  • Support with tests of primary education, online from abroad or from home
  • Get online homework support at primary school level
  • English lessons for Dutch children who end up in an English (primary school) environment, level “beginner” and “basic” (primary school level)
  • Online primary education, tailor-made lessons
  • Dutch for kids from the age of approximately
    6 years until 12 years old

Do you want more information? Contact Dutch for Children.

Dutch for kids NT2

How exactly does primary education online work?


If you choose to let your child attend primary school lessons online, we first look for the goals together. What does your child want to achieve with the online Dutch lessons?

  • Maybe your child wants to keep up with the Dutch language so that he can to talk to family and friends in the Netherlands.
  • Or maybe as a parent you want your child to attend primary education online, so that he can later enroll in a Dutch school.

When the goals are set in the first meeting, we make a plan together. In this way your child follows the form of online primary education that suits him or her.

Custom online Dutch lessons

The online primary school lessons are tailor-made. This means, for example, that the child:

  • receive lessons based on his or her level, interests and the environment
    online Dutch language lessons in accordance with primary school in the Netherlands, 
  • based on his or her level gets in a group lower or higher, or we can start a group halfway through

Online Dutch lessons work

Wendy van Dalen, founder of Dutch for Children, explains how Dutch lessons work on your child abroad and why! Watch this video in less than 2 minutes. It is in Dutch.

Follow Dutch primary education online every week through video calling

In general, online primary school lessons are given once or twice a week via Skype or another video calling program. Class times are determined in consultation with the teacher. Don’t worry about time differences, because our online primary school is (almost) always open. We can do this because our certified teachers live in different parts of the world.

If you want to know more, please contact us here. If you first want to read more about tailor-made learning, you can find more information over here.


Online Nederlands basisonderwijs

The teaching methods we use

Our teachers use different methods during the customized online primary school lessons. These methods are also used in the Netherlands, at regular primary schools.

The methods are:

  • Veilig Leren Lezen (group 3), the most used and successful method in the Netherlands

  • Taal Actief (Group 4 through group 8), a practical method developed by language experts, children’s book writers and schools

In addition, we use Dutch current affairs and we make use of various online exercise programs, such as Junior Einstein and Nieuwsbegrip. These programs have been developed by education professionals. The exercises make Dutch primary education online not only very educational, but also fun! Teaching Dutch for kids is challenging and exciting. 


Emigrate with children? The central government recommends taking elementary education online

Taking online Dutch primary school lessons has important advantages, says the Dutch government. This applies both to emigrating abroad with children, and when you return to the Netherlands with children.

Do you want to know more? In this article the central government explains how your child can still go to primary school during a (long or short) stay abroad by taking online Dutch lessons for kids.

Do you want to know more about online Dutch primary education?

You can find more information about online customized Dutch learning here. Do you prefer personal contact? Contact us for Dutch for Children.

We also offer other online lessons such as: