The Children’s Book Week 2022 theme ‘Gi-Ga-Green’ is a celebration for everyone! Every child gets to have adventures in nature. Many great books will help your child become a real nature hero. A message we like to give to children is to give nature and the climate a helping hand.

Tracking in the woods, making sandcastles, watching birds in your garden, or building a real tree house. There is so much to discover and do in nature. You can also learn much about natural balance, growth, and flowering.

The Children’s Book Week 2022 ‘Gi-Ga-Green’ starts in one month on October 5 and lasts until October 16, 2022. In this blog, you will find, among other things, valuable links to online books and language activities.

Reading Dutch at a distance

How do we at Dutch for Children celebrate Children’s Book Week? Some of our students live abroad. They follow Dutch lessons online. So they read Dutch more often online than from physical books. Fortunately, there is every opportunity for this. Reading books online has become easier and easier. In this article, I share some ways.

As most parents know, reading Dutch or reading aloud is one of the great ways to keep Dutch, Dutch culture, and vocabulary up to date. Letting your child get carried away with Dutch stories. Whether this is about animals, for example, or about knowing Dutch nature, there is definitely something within this theme that will appeal to your child.

For example:

Children’s Books Week Gift 2022

This year, none other than Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, author and illustrator of the popular series ‘The insane tree house’, will be making the Kinderboekenweek gift! Don’t miss it! This gift is an annual publication by the CPNB as part of Children’s Book Week. You get a gift from the bookseller with a purchase of €12.50 worth of children’s books.

Prices for the Children’s Books Week 2022 theme ‘Gi-Ga-Green

The Griffels belong to the Kinderboekenweek. Several books can win the Zilveren Griffel. Only one wins the Golden Griffel. This award can only be won by the author of a Dutch book. The winners are announced just before the Kinderboekenweek.

The winners of the Kinderjury are also available online

Kinderjury is the reader’s prize of the Kinderboekenweek. This is the only prize for children’s books that children decide. These books are also available as audio and e-books! More information will follow as Children’s Book Week approaches.

More online children’s book reading

There are many more great book tips out there, and we’re listing a few for you. Especially those books that are available online (in part) for children abroad to read.

  • A great way to see if a book appeal is to read book reviews. Of course, these reviews are also great fun to read if your child has already read the book. There are also customized tips. A link to our heart. Among other things, you can search by age. For example, for children aged 5-7 years.
  • Through Yoleo you can find stories about service dogs, elephants, and surviving in the wild.
  • Children also read books online through the Dutch library. On the theme ‘nature’ you can find many books.
  • Digital picture books and read-along books at Boekpakket. The first month is for free. Animals are also absolutely in the game here.

Language activities for the Children’s Book Week 2022

Besides reading stories and books on this theme, there are many activities your child can do. During the online Dutch lessons with us, a lot is happening on the theme ‘Gi-Ga-Green’ this week. It is, of course, fun to continue working on this at home. We believe in education together. For that reason, here are some great tips. Even if you do not follow Dutch lessons with us, these activities are also fun to do.

Does the theme of the Children’s Book Week 2022 ‘Gi-Ga-Green’ suit you?

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