It is the autumn break, and how much your foreign-language children have already learned of the Dutch language! Of course, it would be nice and fun if they also stayed busy with the Dutch language during the vacations.

The vacations are wonderful for rest but also difficult for the (further) development of the Dutch language.

”She is just starting to use some Dutch words, and now soon she will only hear Afrikaans around her for a week.”

A common sound is heard from children just learning Dutch as a second or third language. Also, children who are just learning to read, for example, usually suffer a setback because of the holidays.

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep busy with the Dutch language during vacations, even if you have little or no understanding of Dutch yourself.

Interactive talking picture, songs, and word cards online

A talking picture to engage preschoolers in conversation about autumn. Scroll your mouse over the plate and click on the links to gain all kinds of informative knowledge.

Also, with an interactive list of songs about autumn, rain, chestnuts, acorns, mushrooms, rain, and wind. Click on the “play” symbol.

Please click here.

The word cards are a nice addition and can be found here.

Let your children be read to in Dutch online

The book ‘The leaf thief’, De blaadjes dief is a very nice autumn book.

At you can find read-aloud picture books with animations. For teenagers there are youth novels and comics with exciting classic stories.

Through the online library you can watch short films. For some movies you have to log in with a membership.

Dikkie Dik and autumn.

The well-known story of Caterpillar Never Enough, Rupsje NoiitGenoeg

Dutch educational videos

On schooltv there are many suitable videos, and you can search by age and subject.

For slightly older children, Klokhuis is very nice.
And the Jeugdjournaal informative.

Juf Roos’ videos are linguistic but very fun.

The Sandcastle is about autumn for toddlers and preschoolers.

Autumn songs: singing into the autumn break

Multiple Children’s Songs; click on the symbol (see photo below) for subtitles.

Autumn what have you got for sale? Herfst wat heb je te koop?

Dirk Scheele accompanies his songs with his guitar.

Dutch language games 

Letter bingo (fun to play indoors and outdoors): Look around carefully. Do you see a letter on the bingo card?

Apps for the autumn break

Educational apps for different ages focus primarily on language.

Woordwijs – Sprekende Letterdoos + Spellingtesten
Letter board for putting down words. You can set whether the letters are pronounced phonetically and whether words are pronounced when put down. Voice is adjustable in height and speed. There is also the ability to enter words and take a dictation test.

Taal leren met Emma
Learning Languages with Emma is an educational app for children aged 2 to 7 to learn Dutch.

An app for toddlers and preschoolers to learn to read and write.

Apps from Juf Jannie
Juf Jannie – kinderboerderij, – de zee- woordjes leren and – over de seizoenen.

HeyBC is a language app for children just starting to read and write. Learn words with language games.

Leestrein juf Jannie

The app Reading Train is designed for children who are just beginning to learn to read. The app contains the same words that beginning readers learn at school. Children can read the stories in the app themselves.

More tips for your non-native children during autumn break

Are you looking for more tips for your non-native children during the fall break? Then email me at, write me about what you are looking for and the age of your child(ren), and I will actively think with you.

Happy vacations, all!
Autumn greetings,

Wendy van Dalen, director of Dutch for Children.