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I have a passion for children! And not only for my own daughter and son of 15 and 11 years old, but for all the kids I teach, meet and interact with. I am Wendy van Dalen, 45 years old, mother, teacher and psychologist.

What are your child's needs? I would like to meet you and your child to explore the possibilities!

My strength as a teacher and tutor is working from the point of perception and motivation of the child. Attention for and quality time for the child and the parents come first. Key concepts that profile me further are commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism.
From my own experience as an expat I understand what it is to settle in another country after a few years or to return to the Netherlands after an expatriate assignment. It is a time of change, of saying goodbye and starting again. Children are flexible and pick up many things faster than us adults. However, there might be a gap created by the education abroad which needs to be filled. A child might also be performing less at school temporarily, due to the changes in language and environment.
My background in brief: 
  • education: primary school teacher, social and organizational psychologist.
  • experience: early childhood education in Spain and the Netherlands, tutoring and remedial teaching in the Netherlands, 4 years experience in regular and Natural Learning.
  • languages: Dutch, English and Spanish.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.