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Dutch language and Culture program (NTC)
  • Especially for Dutch children and Dutch speaking children worldwide.
  • Dutch language and Culture lessons online. 
  • Comlete programs for preschool and primary school. 
  • The strenght of Dutch for Children and more is.. customized high quality education: up-to-date and connecting the different worlds of the child.
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Children age 2-4 (preschool in NL)
  • Preschool education in Dutch. I work with themes that appeal to little children. For example themes like ''spring'' and "Christmas".
  • Starting with English: The first steps in the world of English.

Children age 4-12 (primary school in NL)

  • Dutch lessons for (expat) children
  • Tutoring
  • Remedial Teaching
  • Test and exam preparation
  • Homework support
  • Projects to challenge
  • English lessons for (expat)children. Level ''beginner'' or ''elementary''.
Children age 12-18 years (secondary school in NL)
  • Homework support
  • Learn to learn, planning
  • Tutoring
  • Test preparation
  • English lessons for (expat)children. Level ''beginner'' or ''elementary''.
For the parents
  • Advice for expats
  • Guidance with Dutch as second language for your child
  • Advice and guidance with learning and your child's motivation problems
  • Dutch lessons for you as a parent, expat, international
  • "Inburgering" (Civic Integration) Exam Preparation